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It’s simple our mantra is “Rock Harder”. We want to take what people think is rock and expand it to what we believe the rock genre should be. Music Fans today need more than just the power that comes from our musicianship but need the explosive forces that comes from deep, powerful, and meaning lyrics. Those together is what makes Mustard rock harder! Mustard has hit the Amarillo Music Scene and is spreading through out the region with live shows.




WATCH WAR (The Call of Duty) BY MUSTARD…

This is a powerful song about war and loss. It debuted on Mustard’s In the Dark EP released in 2013. War (The Call of Duty) features Mustard’s signature riffs coupled with heavy guitar rhythms. Jack Mustard brings the emotions to the forefront with every lyric. This track is available on iTunes or get it now right from our store.